Saturday, 28 January 2017

Project Hedra 0.6

Patch Notes 0.6

-Objectives are now saved
-Reworked menu UI
-Added wolf
-Added mount system
-Mobs have a chance to drop their respective mounts ( Only wolves and horses for now)
-Added day/night cycle
-Added lamps (F)
-Fixed bosses doing very little damage
-Nerfed Bandits
-Fixed several bugs shown in ziggityzig twitch stream
-Fires now do damage
-Fixed camera issues
-Fixed memory leak. Now the game should use around 500mb at max draw distance.
-Added autosave feature

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Project Hedra 0.5 is out!

The wait is over, this update here has been one of the biggest I made, I completely changed the graphics, added shadows ambient occlusion. There is also a new type of weapon as well as new vegetation, new physics and a procedural quest system. Here are the patch notes and some images.

Patch Notes 0.5

-Complete new graphics style
-Added completed new food system
-New mob spawning algorithm
-Added new swimming mechanic
-Added procedural rings, bows, swords with different effect types and stats
-New quest system with several quests
-Redone Physics engine

I would love to hear your feedback and opinions I really think this is a really important update and changes a lot of stuff