Planned Project Features


           I started this game in February 2015. I am sole developer stating from scratch. I was inspired in Cube world, Minecraft, The Binding of Issac and many other games. My objective is to create a low poly game full of procedurally generated content where getting bored is a hard task and that player can contribute to the game itself.

Procedurally Generated Worlds

Completely procedurally generated worlds which can vary in theme, the terrain look, the level of complexity the nature, the colorness of the world, the weather and in a lot of other factors

Item Variation

There are currently several materials in the game which give each item different look, stadistics and passive abilities, this material can be combined i

Procedural Objectives

In each world a main objective is given along several secondary ones, this objectives are procedurally generated and can go from defeating a boss to completing quests and variate in a lot of aspects.


Multiplayer is a planned feature because It helps player complete each run with more advanced strategies. But let's be realistic who doesnt have fun playing games with friends?


  1. Wow, game looks really cool. Are you in need of a composer/sound designer?
    U could check my Souncloud:

    1. Thanks, sorry for not seeing your comment earlier the game is going though a lot of updates and I am quite distracted. Your tracks sound awesome. Please give me a way of contacting you.