Monday, 13 February 2017

Project Hedra 0.7

Patch Notes 0.7

  •  Fixed UI hiding when loading a run
  •  Polished animations a bit
  •  Added Throwing Knifes .
  •  Fixed another memory leak.
  •  Added carets to textfields .
  •  Added chat support.
  •  Fixed Obelisk Messages.
  •  Fixed bug were you could kill mobs out of their range.
  •  Added a text showing the berry count without opening the menu.
  •  Berries are now more rare but more powerful.
  •  Mobs now float in the water.
  •  Fixed player swimming.
  •  Fixed player orientation when moving diagonal.
  •  Reduce the amoutn of ambient occlusion at night.
  •  Removed the moving forward animation when shooting fireballs.
  •  Items can now be dropped also by animals and there is a greater chance to be dropped by humans.
  •  Buffed the Conflagaration spell.
  •  Fire spells now light up dark enviroments.
  •  Changed punching animation & pose.
  •  Fixed a bug where the camera would clip through the terrain.
  •  Fixed no structures spawning in objectives.
  •  Fixed? a bug causing crashes on AMD video cards.
  •  Added a new type of generation 
  • Mounts drop chance increased highly
  • Nerfed bandits
  • Balanced the game regarding leveling up.