Saturday, 27 August 2016

More Biomes! + New Launcher!

Here is another biome but this one is a work in progress, I could use a lot of your feedback to improve it. I currently call it Magmalands but it's just a placeholder until I get a better name, What do you think? Suggest me some names! This new biome will include a new magma boss with special fire abilities and drops. Currently the different biomes have a chance to spawn instead of the normal pines biome


I've also made some new changes to the Cypress trees as suggested in reddit.

They still need some work though, because they look like generic lollipop trees as someone said.

Another image from the deadlands biome.

This update also includes a new and more polished launcher which displays the latest updates!

A comparison between the two launchers.

So what do you think? this update was kind of lengthy and has some interesting stuff on it. I would love to hear your opinion in the comments below.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Cypress Trees!

I've been wanting to add some more biomes to Project Hedra so here is my attempt at it.
The cypress biome was previously added but I removed due to some graphical bugs but I think it's time to bring it back! Anyway I could use a lot from your feedback

Here are some screenshots

The placement of the trees is in fact really simple for every checked there are 2 rules that need to be met.
  • There must not be a tree 20 units apart
  • There is in 33% chance this rule is randomly met.
  Remember to leave any suggestion or idea you have!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Project Hedra v0.39

Project Hedra 0.391 includes an improvement for the Bosses AI which gives them an special ability (more will be added in the future). Here it is an example.

A spin ability for the giant turtle boss.

There were also some UI changes like this one
I fixed important crashes and bugs so everytime the game is a bit more stable.

I’ve also been doing some prototyping to change the location of the game to some procedurally generated underground dungeons instead of the overworld forests. Please let me know what you think about this.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Skill Tree + Customizable ability bar v0.385

Right now I am focusing on repairing bugs and adding more gameplay features for the player, here are some results. The main feature of this update is a new skill tree, which gives a sense of achievement to players. I think it looks very good, what do you think? As you can see in the picture I also added several new skills.

You can also customize the ability bar with the abilities you want.

A GIF in action of the skill tree and the customization of the ability bar.

 Some of the new icons for the new abilities, What do you think?

A controls screen for new player to know how to play.

All of these updates are already uploaded so download the client, update the game and play them! I would really appreciate feedback from you! :)

Friday, 5 August 2016

Free early alpha of Project Hedra!

Okay, So I think it was time to make a playable version of the game. During the alpha stage It's gonna be free so I can collect feedback and fix most of the bugs. Probably people who obtained the game during the alpha are gonna get it free forever so feel free to take a copy with you and tell me what you think.

The game is in fact incomplete and has a lot of features missing, keep in mind this is a very early alpha. You are downloading a launcher, which keeps the game up-to-date. I've also made an IndieDB and GameJolt page

I've hosted the project on

You need .Net Framework 4.0 and OpenGL 3.3 or higher to play this game.

WASD To Move.
1234 M1 M2: To use abilities.
I To open the Inventory.
Middle Mouse Click to roll.
Space Bar to jump.
G to glide while in the air. (First jump then press G)