Saturday, 23 July 2016

More Abilities, New Models and More!

I didn't feel like making a blog post, but this week I've been working on so much different stuff I couldn't resist. I've made some new gameplay additions, which it makes it much more enjoyable and with lots of more mobility. I have made several new models, I've also been working on networking and a launcher for a free alpha.

I've also tweaking some more the procedural generation, I am really happy with the results and with the palette generated.

 The dash is a targeted ability that can only be activated when an Enemy is in range. It performs a dash to the entity damaging everything in between. It can be used with the roll to do a Hit & Retreat

 The new dash ability can knock out enemies for a period of time
 making it easier to create combos.

 A new weapon I added this week

 The new pig model I've made.

The comparison between the old and new models.

A new turtle model I've created.

As always feel free to comment and leave me your opinion on this new stuff, I would love to hear some suggestions and feedback

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Skill System

I started to add some mechanics to the game, and this time I choose to add a Skill system, there will be 4 sets of 6 different skills and with a slight variation depending on the welded weapon. Here are 4 of them I did, they are from the fire skillset.

                                                                  Here is how the skills bar looks like

Fire Release 




 Here is a video of a combo using the three abilities
Please leave any opinions or suggestions in the comments. Feedback is really appreciated!

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Character Customization + Game Persistence

I've added some persistance to the game, characters can be saved and loaded, they maintain their items, and all of their stats. I' ve also  added character customization menu, allowing you to create & customize your own character. You can have up to 5 active characters saved. Here are some screenshots of the new stuff.

The character customization Menu

                                                  Some of the head models I've been working on.

                                                              The Character Selection Menu

Please as always leave any suggestions or thoughts in the comments! If you would like to see updates more frequently follow me on twitter. Have a nice day!